Rodriguez highlights Latino talent

Anne Lima

“Jane the Virgin” star and Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez kick starts the first “Movement Monday” in stir of the Oscars uproar.

In a recent Instagram post, Rodriguez called on the “55 million Latinos in this country” to create a more inclusive Hollywood. The actress initiated the

social media campaign #MovementMonday last month as an effort aimed to celebrate the work of Latino actors, filmmakers and more that she admires.

“With all this Oscar Talk and lack of diversity I decided to start a movement and speak from the perspective of a Latina American who desires to see more Latinos onscreen,” Rodriguez explained on her Instagram post.

Rodriguez’s first #MovementMonday via Instagram featured Guatemalan-born American actor Oscar Isaac from his 2015 movie “Ex Machina.”

“Right now there isn’t one Latino that can green light a movie. That means no studio will put their money behind a Latino face as a lead of a movie because they don’t believe we can make their money back,” Rodriguez continued on Instagram.  “I never saw my home life reflected on screen.”

Since Rodriguez has come out with this campaign, she has faced some criticism. However, she further explains the reasoning behind the message she is trying to convey and why she thinks it is necessary.

“It’s obvious this [racism] exists in our society. So does tearing me down make us less negative as a society? Please do not get it twisted. I’m aware we live in a racist society. This movement is solely to unite all the various Latino communities. The opposite of racism,” Rodriguez captioned on her post.

Although, Rodriguez’s #MovementMonday posts highlight Latino actors that she feels need to be recognized such as Isaac and Laz Alonso. Movement Monday is an idea to generate more onscreen opportunities for all people, specifically, artists of color and others who are mis/underrepresented in the media. This includes, African Americans,  Asians (who only get 1 out of every 20 speaking roles), Middle Easterners, LGBTQ, those with disabilities and more.

By participating in this movement that spotlights those mainstream media ignores, via social media we have the power and control to make a real change.

“Let’s start making noise with where it matters most, where we put our dollars. Go support these films, watch these shows and we can take making a change into our own hands,” Rodriguez said via Instagram.