App of the month: Identify the constellations with new “Sky View” app

Irene Feher

If you’ve ever looked up at the sky and wondered which stars you were seeing, no need to guess anymore, the app “Sky View” has solved all your problems.

“Sky View,” creates a new way to explore the constellations, the planets and the wonders of  the universe right in your smart-phone.  “Sky View” the free mobile app is made by Terminal Eleven LLC.

Point your smart-phone at the sky from wherever you are and see the constellations and planets that are there. All the 88 constellations could be found within the app, such as the Big Dipper, Orion and Southern Cross.

View the stars and constellations with "Sky View"
View the stars and constellations with “Sky View.”Photo from

Facts and information of the constellations and planets are shown when you point at them, like the classification of Mars. If you’re into astrology, you can find all the zodiac constellations and discover the stars for your sign.

“The app knows where you are with your location and uses the camera you have

to superimpose the constellations you’re looking at,” chemistry and physics teacher Stephen Schaffter said.

Astronomy is an important subject for students to know and “SkyView” makes astronomy interesting.

With many features to search for planets and to stargaze, astronomy is made simple and fun for  students.

With the “SkyView” app, you’re not only limited to see the wonders in the universe.

The Today widget allows you to quickly see upcoming space sightings. Add the system reminders for these sightings and never miss space sighting. The widget is continuously updated to provide the most accurate picture of the sky for its users.

The app also features quick stargazing controls. Tap the three-lined button on the left to show a quick controls panel and easily adjust star visibility, planet size, night mode, take snapshots and more.

“You could point up at the sky and see the constellations and planets,” junior Jaime Timsit said. “It’s really neat.”