Restaurant Review: Krua Thai offers sweet and sour flavors

The Seafood Soup served at Krua Thai.

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The Seafood Soup served at Krua Thai.

Marcelina Vergara

Krua Thai’s traditional take on the exotic taste of Thai cuisine leaves customers’ taste buds tingling from different flavors.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall on the busy streets of Sherman Way. However, because Krua Thai is easily missed, it is considered to be a hidden gem as it is also near other Asian restaurants.  

The warmly lit restaurant features different Buddhist temples from Thailand and granite table tops that blends the feeling of foreignness and elegance. A small candle is also present in each tables adding a touch of coziness.

To start off a nice food trip, their fried calamari is a classic appetizer to begin with. It is served with a sweet and sour sauce to confuse the tastebuds. During the first bite, you are greeted with crispiness followed by its chewiness from the calamari. The sauce adds a kick of flavor that blends saltiness with sweet and sour.

As Thai restaurants are famous for their soups, it is only appropriate to order their seafood soup to experience the full South East Asian culture. The soup hints a pleasant taste of sourness that surprises the tastebuds.  However, be warned that the restaurant does not take the word “spicy” lightly but you can always opt out and request a non-spicy soup.

For the main dish, their Pad Ka Pow boasts a complex flavor as different ingredients such as Thai basil leaves and chili are combined with your choice of meat to melt different sorts of flavors in your mouth. Its combination with steamed white rice balances all the distinct flavors that will leave you wanting more from each bite.

Lastly for dessert, their coconut smoothie is the perfect cool down from the flaming hot roller coaster ride your tastebuds have experienced after each serving. If you are craving a sweet treat, try their seasonal sweet mango over sticky rice. It may sound a bit strange but a single bite is enough to convince you to take another bite until you realize you have finished the whole sweet course, leaving you wanting more.

From sour to sweet, crispy to chewy and hot to cold, Krua Thai offers a variety of platters that will satisfy anyone’s tastes.

Krua Thai is located at 13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood. The restaurant’s number is (818) 759-7998.