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Students participate in a protest against new President Donald Trump

April Serrano and Amanda Jimenez

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  • Students of all grades participated in the sit in, including senior Andrea Escamilla. (Daniela Guzman)
  • Students were moved out of the hall and into the library but would be later moved again to the multi-purpose room due to overflow. (Kyrah Hunter)
  • Students were encouraged to make appropriate posters. (Kirsten Cintigo)
  • Students not only promoted against Trump but also for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Seniors Matthew Sarenana and Ivan Trejo play their guitars along with the chants the students were making. (Daniela Guzman)
  • Seniors Raquel Dubin, Elsie Morales and Danielle Vanlenzuela also participate in making posters. (Daniela Guzman )
  • Juniors Francheska Vicents amd Ana Gonzalez create an anti-Trump poster. (Daniela Guzman)
  • Seniors Jonas Acebes and Vivian Rodriquez participate in the sit in by making anti-Trump posters. Those who participated all made posters as well. (Daniela Guzman)
  • Sophomores Bella and Madison Feinstein are veteran protestors and have attended anti-Trump protests in L.A (Kirsten Cintigo)
  • Students group together to make a chant for an appropriate protest. (Daniela Guzman)
  • Social Studies teacher Brent Abelson brought his own poster stating "Nevada for Obama." (Kyrah Hunter)
  • The sit in was cut short and students later returned to their classrooms. (Kyrah Hunter)

Students nervously grabbed their belongings and headed for the main hallway after hearing Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC) bell, knowing it signalled the start of the student protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump.

As the gathering crowd grew in the hallway, students were relocated to the library and later the Multi Purpose Room (MPR).

Principal Deb Smith reassured students that their First Amendment right to protest was being heard.

“I’m scared to have him as president,” junior Kamryne Blake said. “He’s already been elected. He’s going to be president whether we like it or not but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t have a voice in telling him ‘we do not like you and that it’s still important to us.’”

Once in the MPR the a faculty member provided students with poster paper and markers to express their ideas and opinions about the inauguration. Students from every grade level participated in chants and peaceful songs while creating their posters.

“I don’t want Donald Trump to be president because I simply believe he’s not a good person,” sophomore Emely Felix. “He’s misogynistic. He’s racist and he’s sexist. I can’t believe our country is allowing him to be president.”

The protest ended at the end of second period.

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The student news site of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in Lake Balboa, CA
Students participate in a protest against new President Donald Trump